Selected articles from the Spring 2009 issue

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Designing our future

The the role of design, particularly how it can help in today’s economic climate, and what it really contributes to society and the economy

Securing that elusive cash flow

The range of business benefits that asset based finance can bring to companies

The City of London - UK powerhouse

The City of London remains leader in the world and the powerhouse of the UK economy - well regulated and vibrant

The AAA threat to UK credit rating

Why the UK needs to pay more attention to how its economy is viewed at home and abroad

Effective FX management

Any company exposed to foreign exchange should have a strategy to avoid unexpected losses or benefit from advantageous market movements

Help for Heroes

H4H believes that anyone who volunteers to serve in time of war, knowing that they may risk all, is a hero

Survival of the fittest? No, survival of the most adaptable

Businesses need radical thinking if they are to survive what Ed Balls described recently as the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s

From clay pipes to flowerpots

Naylor Industries has gone from the brink of ruin to £30m annual sales and recession-weathering performance

Health - some Q&As about prostate problems

Some Q&As about prostate health and what laser treatment can offer if needed

Young entrepreneurs - our future

Every day across Britain, fresh ideas are being turned into reality and new businesses are still being created

Is franchising your next step?

Do you want to expand your own business or need a new career start after redundancy or a change of life

Connecting with your clients is the key to success

The importance of building relationships with customers and how there can be no substitute for face-to-face interaction in the current climate and keeping control of your travel budget

Greece: the cradle of Western civilization

An introduction to Greece - business, tourism, conferences and pleasure

Greece: the economic hub of the region

Greece has recently taken its place as a regional hub for an emerging market as the locomotive of the region

Greece: 5000 years old - a masterpiece you can afford

Greece is the country of beautiful contradictions - a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again

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